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Towards an e-class stimulating social interactivity based on digitized and gamified brainstorming

  • University of Bremen ; Bremen
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  • The Online Journal gamevironments. - 2021, no. 15, p. 19-55
English How do we strengthen the social bond in the case of a situation where we have to conduct a distance-learning course? Since we can no longer do without digital tools, this article proposes to use of digital media where young audiences may wish to actively participate. The idea is to set up an e-class where everyone can contribute and be stimulated. In this context, we propose to set up digital brainstorming, based on the best products on the market and adding gamification attributes. Being careful
not to make it a serious game, we developed a gamified online application that allows working out issues creatively and collectively. To study positive or negative impacts of gamification, we organised multiple user-tests comparing professional tools and our proposal. This led to a thinking on the type of gamification assets and
when to use them within the creative process.
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