Spark it and take it !

Creativity is currently present both at school level and in private companies or public institutions. To be innovative in the development of products or processes, creativity remains the psychic function that allows us to explore possibilities and to consider the world in a flexible way (OECD, 2005; Taddei, 2009). Hence the interest of studying today, in a more detailed way, the cognitive and emotional processes that are at stake when the individual generates ideas (Borst, Dubois, & Lubart, 2006; Lubart & Getz, 1997; Lubart, Mouchiroud, Tordjman, & Zenasni, 2015; Zenasni & Lubart, 2008). While the scientific literature is abundant in the field through laboratory research, the study of the process in vivo, in an authentic situation, is much more complex when dealing with divergent thinking. This is why the proposed research project - Spark it - takes up the challenge of not only developing an application and material to carry out brainstorming in groups, but also induces a system for exporting the ideas generated with individual and collective monitoring of the creative process. The project is carried out according to an action-research methodology (Barbier, 1996a, 1996b; Van der Maren, 2003) aiming, through the study of data, not only to better understand the creative process and to compare the virtual brainstorming versus classical environment (with post-its), but also to improve the technological artifact.
01/01/2020 - 31/05/2021

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