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Competencies and beliefs of Swiss teachers with regard to the modular curriculum ‘Media and ICT’

Formation et professionnalisation

  • 2023
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  • International Journal of Education Research Open. - 2023, vol. 5
English Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behaviour emphasises that a person’s beliefs and competencies are crucial in terms of
their behavioural intentions. When transferred to the implementation of a new curriculum, it can thus be
hypothesised that teachers’ competencies and beliefs would be the core antecedents of a successful implementation.
The context of this study is the new module curriculum ‘Media and ICT (M&I)’ that was introduced in
the German-speaking part of Switzerland in 2017. It requires teachers to possess media didactics and technological
competencies. This study investigates the current state of teachers’ competencies as well as their beliefs
about the new module curriculum M&I. In addition, the relationship between these competencies and beliefs and
the teachers’ intention to implement this new curriculum in the classroom is tested. An online survey was
administered to 203 teachers. The results show that teachers’ competencies only have an indirect effect on their
intention to teach M&I when it is mediated by their beliefs (i.e., their readiness to innovate and self-efficacy).
Direct effects were found between teachers’ readiness and their M&I-related self-efficacy and their intention
to implement the new curriculum in their classrooms. The current study contributes to the promotion of digitalisation
in the educational field by highlighting the effects of teachers’ beliefs and their competencies.
Regarding practical relevance, the findings of this study can guide and support the professionalisation of teachers and their initial and further training pertaining to M&I.
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Education, teaching
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