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Training teachers for tomorrow ; issues, trends and questioning through two examples of innovative training devices : International Conference on Education and New Developments, Lisbonne: Portugal

Créativité, transformations et innovations en éducation

  • 2017
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  • Education and New Developments. - 2017, p. 529-532
English How we approach teacher training today raises several questions and issues. Considering the context of a worldwide society and constant changes in technology and globalisation, the evolution of our education systems is directly and seriously impacted. Thus, Innovation In Education (Cros, 1997, Gunnasrdòttir, 2013) can be seen as the future of education in Europe (Gunnarsdöttir, 2013). Through the introduction of new innovative training modules (Choplin, 2002), teacher trainers could now address the problems raised by such rapid change. This communication aims to present two innovative training programs that have been implemented in a Teacher University in Switzerland; one about an initial innovative training program on creativity, another
one about an innovative continuing training course on yoga as a tool for teaching and learning and to analyse their features in order to seize their impact on the quality of tomorrow’s education.Through these two examples we mean to explore the issues pertinent to training teachers today, for tomorrow.
  • English
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