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On the rocky road to efficient behavior management: Can emotional competencies signal the better way?

Emotion, apprentissages et bien-être à l'école

  • 2022
Published in:
  • Frontiers in Psychology. - 2022, vol. 13, no. 1049617
English Self-efficacy beliefs in behavior management (SEBiBM) is a key issue for
teachers, while emotional competence is a major contributor to professional
success and sustainability in this profession. The investigation of the
multifaceted nature of these two constructs may be important in order to
take a step toward understanding which emotional competence could foster
specific aspects of SEBiBM. To explore this issue, elementary school teachers
(N = 121, 1st-4th grades) answered the Profile of Emotional Competence,
which comprises 12 scores of emotional competencies, and a fourdimensional
self-efficacy scale for behavior management in the classroom.
Results indicate that intrapersonal emotional competencies, as compared to
interpersonal competencies, play a major role regarding self-efficacy beliefs. In
particular, multiple regression analyses revealed that higher identification and
understanding of personal emotions were associated with better perceived
self-efficacy on two aspects of SEBiBM. In addition, using other’s emotions
predicted proactive involvement of the pupil’s parent or caregiver. Results are
discussed in terms of their contribution to research in educational sciences
and in teacher education, particularly with respect to teachers’ sustainability
in the profession.
  • English
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