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Postmodern values among young people in Switzerland

Créativité, transformations et innovations en éducation

  • 2022
Published in:
  • JOURNAL OF MODERNISM AND POSTMODERNISM STUDIES (JOMOPS). - 2022, vol. 3, no. 2, p. 357-372
English Cultural diversity is the norm and part of the social reality in Swiss classrooms. In this context, the authors are interested in how diversity is dealt with among young people in Switzerland and refer theoretically Zygmunt Baumanʼs concept of postomodernity. Previous youth studies concluded that postmodern values as social plurality, inclusion and individual fulfillment dominate among young people. Based on these data, this study explores the question of whether values in the sense of postmodernism are as firmly anchored among Swiss young people as they are among those in Germany. 36 high school students in a bilingual (German/French) school in Switzerland wrote about a person of their choice from the world of ethics and religion and their significance to the present day. Datum was analyzed inductively using Grounded Theory and categorically classified. The student texts exemplified postmodern values through categories such as the fight against racism and poverty, charity, and gender equality. The article concludes with a discussion of possible consequences for school and teaching.
  • English
Education, teaching
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